Get ready for some pixel pew-pew platforming - the stylish action-adventure-platformer Olija has finally been given a release date! On January 28th, we'll all be able to figure out the various mysteries that the trailer presents. What's that shipwreck all about? Where exactly is this strange place filled with monsters? And just who is Olija?

Armed only with a (legendary) harpoon, your swashbuckling avatar, Faraday, must slay foes in order to save him and his washed-up crew from being marooned far from their homes. The platforming in the trailer looks sharp and dynamic, so there's a chance Olija will join the likes of Flinthook and Celeste in the ranks of jumpy-dashy games that we like very much. Interested players can grab the free demo on Steam right now to check it out for themselves!

Most importantly, though, the game has magic hats. Any game with magic hats is alright by us.