Update: It's been patched. Oh well.

Among Us might have come out on PC first, but Switch players can play the upcoming airship level before release - and before anyone else - as long as they don't mind exploiting a glitch in the system.

As shown in the GameXplain video above, impostors and innocents alike are able to play the as-yet-unfinished level, due to release in early 2021, by hosting a local game. IGN outlined the steps to take:

- Hit 'Local' on the main menu and create your own game
- Select the 'Airship' map via the laptop
- Exit the lobby, then hit 'Online' and host a room without choosing a map
- You can then load into the Airship map once four players join

It's worth noting that this map isn't yet finished, so it's likely to be difficult to play without bugs and missing bits. Still, you can poke around the place and learn its layout before your friends get their grubby mitts on it. Just don't be surprised if they kick you out the plane door for cheating.

...If you're not averse to cheating a little bit, here's the map for the new level:

Among Us
Image: GameXplain

[source ign.com, via youtube.com]