Nintendo Switch packaging
Image: Nintendo Life

Nintendo has announced that it is aware of a fault currently plaguing new Switch systems in Japan, apologising for the inconvenience and promising to put things right.

The company has said that it has received reports from multiple customers who have come across an error code '2162-0002' when setting up their new system. Sadly, there's no fix for this error code, meaning the new Switch owners can't get past the initial system setup screen and have effectively been left without working consoles.

In a statement shared on its Japanese support website, Nintendo has apologised for the inconvenience caused and encourages buyers to get in touch and fill out an online inquiry form. From there, Nintendo will send out a replacement console.

Here's hoping the issue is resolved quickly before more faulty units find their way into peoples' homes. If your console has been affected by the error code mentioned, make sure to fill in the form linked above.

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