In Terra Swoop Force, there is only one rule: Crash less than your friends. In this latest Minecraft freebie, given to players as part of Mojang's festive Community Celebration, the game has been transformed into an incredible flying course.

TSF is actually part of a much larger story by the building team Noxcrew, known as "Geo Descent Labs" - don't click on that link if you don't want spoilers, by the way - that's all about Dr Sir Mrs Alan Columbus III, a scientist with way too many titles, and his expeditions to the centre of the Earth.

This downloadable adventure map casts you (and a few of your friends, if you want to play multiplayer) as the titular Terra Swoop Force, a highly-trained group of flying soldiers tasked with recovering a drill and finding out what happened to its crew.

Take a look at the trailer above to see the kind of flying stunts you'll be expected to perform in order to complete the mission, and click this download link if you want to get it in your game.

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