The Harvest Goddess has disappeared again, and she's taken all the crops in the world with her. For someone who literally has one job, she's not very good at it. But that's how Harvest Moon: One World starts, and at least it gives your farmer avatar something to do: restore the land, find all the harvest sprites, and, uh... reinvent turnips?

This new trailer from Natsume is all about the new features that make Harvest Moon games so compelling: the romanceable characters, and the befriendable animals. One World, by the looks of things, is going to include tigers, camels, reindeer, bears, and - is that a blue chicken? Marriage candidates-wise, there are five boys and five girls who are ready to put a ring on your finger, ranging from a dude who looks like a 350-year old vampire to a young lady who's going through an emo phase.

The "expando-farm" is perhaps the biggest addition to the series, and it looks like it's a pocket-sized pop-up farm that you can put just about anywhere, letting you farm on the beaches of Halo Halo and the snowy mountains of Salmiakki. Don't try this at home; your tomatoes will die.

All these new features and new areas to explore make Harvest Moon: One World "the biggest Harvest Moon in history", according to Natsume. Explore the deserts of Pastilla, the grasslands of Calisson, and the volcano at the heart of Lebkuchen when the game comes to Switch on March 5, 2021.