Little Tabitha Marsh has disappeared, and let's just say that Innsmouth is not the sort of place you'd want to be disappearing in. With a cast of over 30 creepy, weird, and suspicious characters to interview (and 27 different ways to meet an early end), The Innsmouth Case is a story game that's all about trying to avoid whatever fate met poor Tabitha. Just like your favourite choose-your-own-adventure books, every dialogue choice you make will either lead you closer to the answer... or closer to your grave.

Sounds spooky? Well, yeah - you saw the "Lovecraftian" in the title, right? Drawing inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft's stories of the unknowable and the eldritch horrors that lurk just beyond our understanding, The Innsmouth Case is the kind of game that's probably going to have a whoooole bunch o' tentacles in it, we imagine. But unlike Mr Lovecraft's work, The Innsmouth Case is a work of comedy-horror, with actual jokes in it to hopefully offset the pants-wetting existential terror of the rest of it.

The Innsmouth Case is available right now on the Nintendo eShop, with a 35% launch discount, bringing the price down to £8.76.