Pikmin 3

Super Nintendo World at the moment appears to be all about Mario, but we might be seeing some other familiar faces.

Visitors who were lucky enough to tour Japan's park ahead of its launch early next year have supposedly captured a group of Pikmin in the wild - located near Kinopio's Cafe. There's apparently another bunch near Yoshi's Adventure attraction.

A few months ago, a Pikmin was spotted on a Super Nintendo World promotional bag and this latest sighting seemingly makes it official. That's not all, though - Captain Toad and Princess Peach have also been located within the park. Here's a look:

Captain Toad
Image: via GameXplain

Although Nintendo hasn't released a new entry in the Pikmin series since the 3DS spin-off Hey! Pikmin, it's not completely forgotten about the series, with the recent launch of Pikmin 3 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch.

Does this give you hope for Pikmin's future? Would you like a new game on the Switch? Tell us down below.

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