Developer Amicable Animal and publisher Armor Games Studios have announced that SOLAS 128, a rhythm-based puzzler, will be launching on Switch early next year.

The game is described as a 'beam deflection' title that has you rotating and repositioning mirrors to connect light sources. All puzzles are connected to each other – as you pass one level, you'll unlock an adjacent one – and everything is always moving to the beat. You can see it in action in the trailer above.

There are more than 150 puzzle screens to solve in total, and there's an integrated hint system that can offer you a helping hand should you feel the need to activate it. Here's a feature list:

- Over 150 interlocking puzzle screens
- Designed from the ground up to be colourblind-friendly
- A seamless world to navigate - changes in one room will affect those that follow
- An original synth/chillwave soundtrack
- Hidden areas to discover, and secrets to decypher
- No text or dialogue: the visuals and music speak for themselves
- An optional integrated hint system for players seeking a nudge in the right direction.

SOLAS 128 is scheduled to arrive on Switch and PC in Q1 2021. Let us know if you'll be adding this one to your Switch wishlist with a comment below.