One of the wonders of universal controller connectivity is that it's possible to use pads created for one console on totally different systems. Back in the days of the Master System and Mega Drive, it was possible to use controllers made for other systems because, unlike Nintendo, Sega opted for an off-the-shelf controller port rather than a proprietary one.

Later, the wired Xbox 360 pad became a "go-to" option for many people as it worked over a standard USB connection. More recently, the proliferation of Bluetooth-enabled wired pads has resulted in a world where it's possible to mix-and-match controllers across a wide range of rival consoles – and that looks set to continue with the launch of the PlayStation 5.

Using the trusty 8bitdo wireless adapter – which plugs into the Switch dock's USB port – you can pair the shiny new DualSense pad to your docked Switch. The adapter allows you to connect loads of other pads, too – including the PS4 controller.

If you fancy getting your hands on one of these ahead of the PS5's launch, you can hit up the links below.

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