CommanderVideo in Bit.Trip Runner
Image: Steam

From time to time "coming soon" listings on the Switch eShop reveal games we didn't even know were on the way to Nintendo's hybrid platform, and today is one of those days.

Over on the European eShop, six QubicGames listings have popped up for the Bit.Trip series starring CommanderVideo. There's Bit.Trip Core, Bit.Trip Void, Bit.Trip Runner, Bit.Trip Fate, Bit.Trip Flux and Bit.Trip Beat.

These games all started out life during the WiiWare generation and are currently planned for release on the Switch on 25th December. Each game is priced at £4.49 (or your regional equivalent).

You can pre-order each game now and if you already have one game downloaded you'll get 60% off the rest. Are you interested in replaying any of these entries in the Bit.Trip series? Comment down below.