Baltoro Games - the same publisher behind Urban Flow, Moto Rush GT and the Paratopic Switch port. - have just announced Knights & Guns for the Nintendo Switch.

It's described as a mash-up between shmup and pang-style games, inspired by a number of classics and developed with a modern audience in mind. You'll take control of a gun-wielding knight and can fight solo or alongside a friend in co-op against demons, ghouls and ghosts.

"Become the best version of a knight - one with a gun. Inspired by PANG, Bug Butcher, Mushihimesama, Metal Slug and 19XX: The War Against Destiny. Made for Nintendo Switch."

All up, there are 120 stages filled with secrets and special routes, 60fps gameplay, different modes, awesome suits of armor and a lot of guns. This game will launch on the Nintendo Switch in the first quarter of 2021.

KnG Screen2
KnG Screen3
KnG Screen6
KnG Screen11

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