Zerouno Games has announced that Metal Tales: Overkill, a '3D guitar-shooter', will soon receive a crowdfunding campaign to launch on Nintendo Switch.

The game is an action-adventure title that has you fighting against a curse inflicted upon your metal-loving brothers, hoping to free them from an ancient evil. It features procedurally generated levels which will change each time you play through the game, and is already slated to launch on PC in early 2021.

The new Kickstarter campaign hopes to generate the funding required to get the game on Switch, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and will go live on 3rd December. You can see the page here and sign up to be notified when it goes live.

Metal Tales: Overkill features include:
- 50+ items: guitars, strings, pedals, amps, books and summons
- 15 different enemies
- 8 Guitar Bosses
- 4 playable characters: Are you more Metallica, Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath? Choose your brothers!
- 3 environments: Enjoy exploring different environments like Metal Den, Metal Festival and Hell
- 6 procedurally generated levels: With randomly generated levels, no two games will ever be the same
- Local CO-OP
- Mission system to unlock abilities and upgrade stats between runs
- Original soundtrack and international metal bands’ songs from Eclipse Records

Metal Tales: Overkill

Does this look like something you might enjoy? Let us know if you'll be keeping an eye out for the Kickstarter campaign with a comment below.