Ocean's Heart

We love a good Zelda-style adventure, so it's easy to see why Ocean's Heart caught our eye – the game's visuals call to mind the likes of Link to the Past and Minish Cap, and the lead character has another connection with the series thanks to her clothing, which looks a lot like Link's outfit in Breath of the Wild.

Currently confirmed for release on Steam, Ocean's Heart is described as "an action RPG featuring detailed pixel art with a heavy focus on exploration" which takes place "in a lively world teeming with secrets and mysteries." You assume the role of Tilia, who is determined to find her missing father.

While a Switch version hasn't been confirmed as yet, the game did get a Switch age rating in Brazil recently, so it's looking likely that you'll be able to play this Zelda-style RPG on your Switch soon.

Here's some PR:

Ocean’s Heart is an action RPG featuring detailed pixel art with a heavy focus on exploration. In a lively world teeming with secrets and mysteries, Tilia sets out in search of her missing father. Follow the trail through the ruins of a flooded kingdom, shape the future of the current world, or keep your head down and focus on your own mission in this epic retro-inspired adventure!

Explore a detailed and beautiful world, brimming with secrets hidden in misty forests, isolated mountain peaks, or saltwater marshes. Every area is filled with unique and meaningful sidequests, ancient mysteries, and dangers.

Battle fearsome monsters and wield various weapons and ancient magic to defeat or outmaneuver them. Search for special materials to upgrade your weapons until you're demolishing monsters who once put up a fierce fight.

Gather various items throughout the world to craft potions, upgrade weapons, and expand your ever-growing arsenal.

+ Retro-inspired action RPG with modern trimmings.
+ A lively and gorgeously pixeled world full of secrets free to explore at your own pace.+ Menacing enemies and tense boss fights that’ll keep you on your toes.
+ An exciting array of weapons, spells, and abilities. Experiment to find your favorites for every situation and foe.
+ Unique, character-driven sidequests with heartwarming or twisted stories that expand upon the world’s lore.

+ Foraging and crafting elements to increase your chances of survival in a nasty fight.
+ Quirky charm and humor to keep you smiling on your extraordinary adventure!