Nintendo recently released a demo for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity on the Switch earlier this week and while many Zelda fans have been enjoying it, one common concern seems to be about the game's frame rate.

Frame rate tests so far reveal this new entry is targeting around 30fps, but in reality, can dip as low as 20fps. It seems to be up and down like a yo-yo and well, people have noticed. Here's what one member of the GameXplain team had to say about it:

"the framerate chugs, it chugs so bad...I hope they find a way to somehow patch this before release because it really does kind of hinder the does get better in the second level where you're fighting the guardian, but still, that means it's probably going to come back in later levels as well."

This issue has also been highlighted by a number of players over on the Nintendo Switch subreddit and social media platforms, like Twitter:

"Really, I like everything about the demo, expect [sic] the biggest problem that everyone is already talking about : The frame rate is so bad in the first mission, I really hope that they will find a way to be a little be [sic] better. The second mission was better for the frame rate, but really, a lot of people will give up the game if the first mission in the demo got a bad FPS."

The resolution in certain parts of the game, and both docked and portable mode, also hasn't gone down so well - with a lot of players describing it as "blurry".

Looking back at the short history of the Hyrule Warriors series, perhaps we should have seen this coming.

The original Hyrule Warriors game had its own set of issues when it first arrived on the Wii U. And even when its target frame rate got bumped from 30fps to 60fps during the transition to Switch, Digital Foundry said it still wasn't "good enough" - jumping between 40-60fps.

At the time, John Linneman also noted how Fire Emblem Warriors was in a much better state on release - offering a few modes, so perhaps Age of Calamity will bounce back at launch or receive a patch shortly after.

"low res 720p 60 frames per second mode and a 1080 30 mode, and it did a reasonable job of hitting 60 but it wasn't consistent"

How has your own experience with the Age of Calamity demo been so far? What do you think of the game's frame rate? How about the resolution - do you think it's too "blurry"? Share your thoughts down in the comments below.