Last month, Frontier Developments released a short Developer Spotlight video about the upcoming Switch release of Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition, and they've recently put out a second video (above) highlighting more gameplay from the Switch version, which lands on Switch eShop 3rd November.

The video features Game Director Rich Newbold and Senior Artist Liesa Bauwens discussing the ethos behind the game and the best way for new players to start with the game on Switch (perhaps logically, it's best to start with the campaign and get to grips with the basics before diving off the deep end in the included DLC packs).

They also give us a look at in-game footage of helicopter piloting and burning through the park in a pick-up truck — it seems that building a dino park involves much more than simply engineering the most ludicrously blood-thirsy prehistoric predator to prey on your park atendees!

Earlier in October, we took a look at the Switch build in a hands-off demo with Rich Newbold and we came away rather impressed with how the experience translates to Nintendo's hybrid console. The game on Switch obviously won't look like it does on other consoles, but we were very pleasantly surprised about just how much detail the Complete Edition retains.

We didn't see any choppers in our demo, but you can check out footage of our session below and see for yourself how Frontier seems to have found a way. Let us know below if you'll be investigating this just over a week from now.