If you've been keeping tabs on all the rumours circulating around the Nintendosphere recently, you may remember a Bloomberg report from last month which suggested that the company has been asking third-party developers to ensure their future titles are 4K-ready.

The thought is that Nintendo might be planning to release an upgraded Switch console capable of displaying a gorgeous 4K resolution, and while we wouldn't blame you for thinking that the claim seems a little outlandish, that doesn't stop us from dreaming about what that could mean for Nintendo's games.

Take the upcoming Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, for example. YouTube user SnazzyAI has taken the official game reveal trailer, upscaled it to 4K, and then used machine learning-based video interpolation to emulate a 60hz refresh rate as opposed to the 30fps available in the original game on Switch. If you have a screen capable of 4K at your disposal, viewing the video above is an absolute treat on the eyeballs (make sure to select '4K' in the video's settings).

Visuals aren't everything, but we definitely wouldn't say no to seeing future Nintendo titles looking as sharp as that. Would you like a new Switch console to display 4K visuals, or are you happy enough as you are? Let us know in the comments.