In Masahiro Sakurai's words - Minecraft, the best-selling game in the world, is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

This wasn't a decision made overnight, though. Daniel 'Kappische' Kaplan - a former business developer for Mojang - recently revealed "talks" about bringing Steve and co to Nintendo's all-star fighting series began "at least" five years ago.

In saying this, he doesn't know when exactly "implementation" started. While Sakurai didn't share any information about when the team began working on this new fighter, he did briefly touch on Nintendo's involvement:

"...Someone from Nintendo will come to my workplace and say... 'Mr. Sakurai... Surely you can put Minecraft in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?' while peering at me over their glasses. They make it sound easy. I guess they think this all happens by magic or something. Don't they know what kind of game Minecraft is? The wizardry required to make it work in this game... It's impossible!

So, I laid it out straight for them. I said, 'Yes, I can do it.'"

The rumours about Steve coming to Smash have also been circulating for a number of years now. Last January, an official Xbox Twitter account sent fans into a frenzy when it showed some love to Smash Bros. while making a subtle reference to Minecraft.

Minecraft has been recognised as one of the greatest and most influential video games of all-time since its arrival more than a decade ago, so it's fantastic to see Steve will finally be joining the battle in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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