Developer Vallynne has revealed that its upcoming tactical RPG Shores Unknown will be available in Early Access on PC in February 2021, where it'll hoover up player feedback ahead of its full release on Switch.

A Switch release date hasn't yet been confirmed – that'll come a little later down the line – but it's nice to see that the game will be treated to a nice layer of polish before it arrives on Nintendo's platform.

Lead Developer Ilya Rudnev has said, "We've put a lot of time and effort - and all our hearts - into making Shores Unknown, and we hope you'll enjoy finally being able to play it as much as we enjoyed making it. And this being an Early Access title, we also look forward to your feedback and hope that your participation will allow us to polish the game into a truly remarkable experience."

If you're only hearing about this for the first time, the game's described as a "deeply customisable RPG" that'll have you setting off on a journey through a land at war. Here's a quick feature list:

- Gridless tactical turn-based combat - take your time to assess the situation and command your characters in the Order Phase, then watch your strategy come to life during the Action Phase as the characters maneuver around the battlefield and carry out their orders.
- Adaptive character advancement system - characters learn new skills and unlock new classes depending on their equipment and combat choices.
- Deep party customization options - allow the player to build the perfect mercenary team of their choice, allowing full control over equipment and skills used by each character.
- Vibrant world - rendered in low-poly stylistic full of little details to immerse yourself in. Explore the various locations of the game, interact with dozens of characters and uncover the secrets of the Shores.

Do you think this one has potential? Will you be keeping an eye out for its eventual Switch launch? Let us know in the comments.