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Earlier this week, the NPD predicted the Switch would be the best-selling console this holiday season in the US.

The device is apparently in high-demand - with households expected to pick up "multiple" units in the fourth quarter. Adding to this is the lack of available inventory of new PlayStation and Xbox systems, which will supposedly leave the Switch as an appealing and "available" option.

If you weren't already convinced the Switch's success is set to continue, in addition to this, it's now been highlighted that the hybrid system has been the best-selling console hardware in this location for 22 consecutive months straight. That dates all the way back to December 2018, around the time Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was released.

It seems this is actually a new record as well. The previous record holder was Microsoft's console, the Xbox 360 - which was the best-selling console for 21 months (August 2011 - April 2013).

NPD's industry analyst, Mat Piscatella, notes how the Switch is "selling at or above levels never seen before in the US". To date, the Switch has sold more than 62 million units worldwide and back in August, it surpassed lifetime sales of the NES.

How long do you think the Switch can maintain this momentum for? Share your thoughts down below.

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