Zelda DS
Image: Nintendo

One of the really wonderful things about handheld gaming is the tangible connection the player makes with the console. Sure, home systems have iconic controllers we learn to love, but with a handheld, the entire system is in the palm of your hand – and the fact you can take it with you everywhere only serves to strengthen the bond between you and the hardware.

Letting go of that hardware – especially if you've owned it since you were a kid – isn't an easy process, but it's something that Zelda fan Janie experienced when she sold her beloved Nintendo DS recently.

The Zelda-themed gold console had been with her for over a decade – she got it when she was 10 – and she decided to include a note to the new owner to make them aware of how special it had been to her.

That person – reddit user acollier25 – decided that this good deed was worth celebrating:

1 Reddit User Receives Wholesome Note After Buying Nintendo DS Online
Image: acollier25

Have you ever purchased a second-hand console or game and found a message inside from the previous owner? Let us know with a comment below.

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