Postal Redux Switch Cheats

Postal Redux, the HD remake of Running with Scissors' dark, twin-stick isometric shooter, is now available on Nintendo Switch, and there's a secret, hidden cheat system which allows you to completely transform your game.

This cheat system hasn't been revealed before now, but we've been chatting with the game's publishing team to learn all about it and share the juicy details with you lovely lot. The game had a series of cheats available when it launched on PC a while back, and while the process is a little different on Switch, there are plenty of similarities.

Here's how to enter your Postal Redux cheat codes on Switch:

1. Press X+A+B at the same time in-game to reveal the Switch text input applet.
2. Type in your chosen cheat (see below) and click confirm.
3. When back in-game, press the A button. After a few seconds, your chosen cheat should become active.

So, which cheats can you unlock using this method? We're told that all of the cheats previously available on PC will work just fine on Switch, too. With thanks to Cheater87 and Old_Schooler for this list:

Postal Redux on Nintendo Switch - All Cheat Codes

Cheat Code
All enemies have their heads exploded on death YourHeadASplode
All of the above in one cheat IAmSoLame
Drastically contracts camera view TunnelVision
Enemy heads explode on death Sternomat
Enlarges all characters' heads GimmeHead
Gives assault rifle AssaultAndBattery
Gives backpack CarryMore
Gives balloon gun BlowMe
Gives dynamite Dynomyte
Gives flamethrower + ammo Flamenstein or Firehurler
Gives grenades LobItFar
Gives infinite ammo for all currently-owned weapons MagicMags
Gives mines CrotchBomb
Gives molotovs Rioter
Gives napalm launcher + ammo TitanIII
Gives pistol PeaShooter
Gives revolver + ammo JesseJames
Gives scattergun + ammo TheBestGun
Gives shotgun + ammo Shellfest
Maxed out armor BlockMyAss
Maxes out health Healthful
Maxes out the camera view SuddenlyISee
Opens exit NoPlaceLikeOz
Quick firing speed on all weapons TheQuick
Shrinks all characters (toggle) MyteaMouse
Shrinks all characters' heads WitchDoctor
Toggles god mode AlaMode
Toggles HUD visibility NoHUDPlease
Toggles slow motion Groovy
Toggles sonic speed YoureTooSlow
Turns all bystanders into hostile police officers LongArmOfTheLaw
Turns all NPCs into clowns ClowningAround
Turns all NPCs into dancing ostriches RaisedInABarn
Turns all NPCs into rocketeers or grenadiers, and explodes all barrels on the map MichaelBay
Unlock The Antagonist from Hatred MyNameIsNotImportant
Wimpy enemies mode (one shot injures) BegForThis

We hope this helps you to get all those gruesome kills in style. Enjoy!