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Update: Nintendo has now confirmed that the Joy-Con price drop will also come to North America. Just like Japan, the discount only applies to single Joy-Con purchases.

The single Joy-Con products below will be reduced from $49.99 to $39.99 starting from 9th November. While this is a welcome change, it's worth noting that $39.99 is exactly half the price of a full set, so buying two individually is sadly still no cheaper than buying a pair.

At least upgrading one is a little bit cheaper now!

Original Article (Mon 12th Oct, 2020 13:30 BST): Nintendo has revealed that it will be permanently reducing the price of its Switch Joy-Con controllers in Japan, starting from next month.

From 6th November, the price of a single Joy-Con controller will be revised from 4,480 yen + tax to 3,740 yen + tax, which is a drop of about 16.5%. The price reduction will apply to single Joy-Con products only, meaning Switch owners will still pay the same, regular price for a complete pack of two (thanks, Japanese Nintendo).

Users in Japan can buy Grey, Neon Red, Neon Blue, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Red, and Neon Pink Joy-Con from the country's official store.

Naturally, then, we can't help but wonder whether or not a similar pricing restructure will arrive here in the west. Could we be about to see a permanent reduction in price across Europe and the US, or will this remain a Japan-only deal? [Update: North America now confirmed – see above].

We're sure a drop in price would be well received, especially with all of the Joy-Con drift issues we've been seeing, but feel free to have your say in the comments below. Do you think we'll see a price drop soon?

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