Promo art from the release

Nightdive Studios has confirmed Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition will no longer be released this year on the Nintendo Switch and other platforms. In an interview with our friends over at Eurogamer, Nightdive's CEO Stephen Kick said the launch date was now "TBD".

"There have been some obstacles we've had to overcome in terms of the old technology the game uses. And our hunt for the original source code and assets have come up empty."

Long story short, the source code for Westwood's classic was lost when the studio was purchased and relocated by Electronic Arts in 1998, and although a lot of its past work was uncovered by EA during the development of the Command & Conquer remaster not so long ago, it's not believed to contain any Blade Runner content.

Nightdive is also struggling to get a clear response from EA, and even if there is anything related to Blade Runner in there, it's unlikely to be released due to "legal reasons". The studio has been left with no option but to reverse engineer the code, and there's been a number of other hiccups along the way as well, which have been described as a "real challenge".

"It's just taking a bit longer than we originally anticipated."

Nightdive Studios is the same team that's restored a number of classics such as System Shock: Enhanced Edition, Turok, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil and Forsaken Remastered with its proprietary game engine, KEX.

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