Comic book writer Kurt Busiek, whose impressive career includes runs on many familiar titles from Marvel and DC, has recently opened up on Twitter about a video game-related project he was involved with back in the early 1990s — a Final Fantasy comic.

As Busiek points out, the project — based on the then in-development Final Fantasy IV (originally known as Final Fantasy II in the West) — is no big secret, although the writer wanted to clear up some incorrect details doing the rounds online.

As you can see from his tweet (below), Busiek clarifies that only around one and a half of the four issues outlined were drawn and lettered (by Dell Barras and John Costanza respectively), although Mike Mignola completed work on four covers — one of which he includes a shot of later in the thread.

Busiek also speaks of getting permission to rename characters for the American audience, and even being sought out for a potential job with Squaresoft as a localiser for the series, a position he turned down.

Tantalisingly, the writer says he has "Xeroxes of [the completed comic], somewhere", although he doesn't think Final Fantasy fans would enjoy the liberties he took with canon which has since become 'revered'.

We don't know about you, but we'd jump at the chance to see more of those Xeroxes. Come on, Kurt — give us all a treat this Halloween!

[source twitter.com, via gonintendo.com]