Developer Purple Tree Studio and publisher Zordix have revealed that Ponpu, an upcoming battle game, will launch on Nintendo Switch on 5th November. A new trailer has been released to celebrate, which you can watch above.

This "duck-on-duck destruction game" is inspired by Bomberman and features both a single-player campaign mode and plenty of multiplayer action. In the campaign, you can expect to battle your way through 10 worlds, all while fighting off rival Ponpu and enormous bosses.

When you want a change of pace, you can play against others in either local or online multiplayer. There are three modes to choose from here: Coin Chase (where you'll need to grab coins before your opponents); Color Fight (a Splatoon-like mode where you need to cover the most ground with your colour); and Deathmatch, which is pretty self-explantory.

The all-seeing Duck God has had enough and the world has run out of time. Every 2 billion years the world must be refreshed through divine destruction and he has sent you, a Ponpu, as his herald. But, a nasty bump on the head during a crash landing took your memory and now you find yourself working against the Duck God in a carnage-fueled battle against other Ponpu to save the very world you were sent to destroy.


We're quite liking the art style on display here and the gameplay does sound like it has a lot of potential. Perhaps this is one to keep an eye on?

Let us know what you think of Ponpu in the comments – will you be adding this one to your Switch wishlist?