Update: We now have a release date! Angry Video Game Nerd: I & II Deluxe will launch on Switch and PC on 30th October, slightly ahead of its launch on PS4 and Xbox One (thanks, Gematsu).

Original Article (Fri 29th Mar, 2019 14:30 GMT): Back in January, we reported on the fact that Angry Video Game Nerd: I & II Deluxe was coming to consoles although - at the time - a Switch version wasn't confirmed. It seemed incredibly likely that a Switch version was on the way, though, and we now have actual, definite proof that it is. Hooray!

The confirmation comes via FreakZone Games' Twitter account, as you can see below. It seems like an appearance at PAX East was needed before anything could be revealed.

As you can likely tell from its title, the bundle will contain both of the 2D Angry Video Game Nerd games already available. Both are 2D platformers centred around the online, mature-themed comedy series of the same name, tasking you with blasting your way through levels with a NES Zapper. The first of these actually launched on Wii U and 3DS back in 2015.

Are you happy to finally have confirmation that the release will arrive on Switch? Will you be picking it up? Tell us below.