Super Mario Galaxy (Switch)
Image: Nintendo

Since the reveal of Super Mario 3D All-Stars last week, there have been some concerns about how the motion controls in Super Mario Galaxy will work on the Nintendo Switch.

A Nintendo representative already confirmed with Polygon how this particular game was supported in all modes on Switch and noted how pointer functionality had been "adapted" to the touch screen in handheld mode. It was also mentioned how the Switch Pro Controller would be supported.

How will Mario be able to spin if motion controls aren't in use, though? According to a new cut-scene from the Switch version of the game, shared on the official Nintendo Twitter account for Japan, all that's required is a simple press of the 'Y' button.

Of course, the option to shake the Joy-Con - similar to shaking the Wii Remote in the original version of the game - is also still available, depending on the mode you're playing in.

Chinese Nintendo points out how this matches the control method when playing Super Mario Galaxy on the NVIDIA Shield (a China-only release).

How do you plan to spin around in the Switch version? By button or gyro? Leave a comment down below.

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