Nintendo has released a new trailer for the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. system that was announced during last week's Super Mario 35th Anniversary Direct.

As you might remember from last week, this new system is inspired by the original LCD-based handhelds from the '80s and comes with a modern screen and rechargeable battery. It also boasts Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and a version of the Game & Watch title, Ball, as well as a digital clock with 35 "little touches" to discover.

The trailer doesn't reveal anything new, but does present a particularly flashy tour of the system and its features. The Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. launches on 13th November and pre-order options have already started to appear online.

Do you plan on treating yourself to one of these? Are you just like us, unable to resist pretty little collectors items? Let us know in the comments.