Fight Crab x Deeeeer Simulator

As if the game needed to be any more bonkers, Fight Crab will soon be adding a whole new animal to purchase as DLC – deers.

Yes, as part of a collaboration with DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game, the aptly named 'Deer' character will be trotting into the game this October. Players will be able to buy Deer in the Fight Crab campaign mode shop and then go on to use him in battle next month (thanks, Japanese Nintendo).

If you're wondering, DEEEER Simulator is described as a "slow-life town destruction game” where you can either frolic around peacefully, or fire rockets at things and destroy everything in sight. Perhaps this was a match made in Heaven, after all?

Should you want to learn more about Fight Crab, feel free to read our full review. We genuinely enjoyed our time with it, despite and because of all the silliness.

Fight Crab is an impressively full-featured and surprisingly good-looking game that transcends its silly meme origins and ends up as something much more. It could end up a staple party game with its joyfully nonsensical premise and well-executed crab simulating gameplay, which goes above and beyond what a crab-battling game really needs to be, and we applaud it.