Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Double Damage Games has confirmed that its space Western Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is finally coming to Switch (and other consoles and Steam) later this month following its release on the Epic Games Store back in August 2019.

The console version of the game, a cockpit-focused prequel to Rebel Galaxy, was originally scheduled for an earlier release before the events of 2020 conspired to delay the game. Happily, a blog post from the team has confirmed that the game will finally be touching down on Switch on 22nd September 2020.

The team has kept fans up to date via its website and addressed the effect the pandemic has had on development, but it seems things are finally on track:

We know things have been a little quiet and it’s frustrating when we have to go silent like that — there’s been a lot brewing behind the scenes to get these titles launched both in terms of the normal procedures and just crazy things happening in our personal lives (mostly good we promise!) Perhaps someday we’ll do a project post-mortem on the vagaries of launching a game during a global pandemic?

The original game was released for PC and consoles back in 2015/16 and this prequel currently holds a 77 Metascore, so if you're a fan of fun, sim-like space shooters, this should definitely be worth keeping in your sights. The game pages apparently won't go live on consoles until much closer to release, but the team says it'll cost $30 / 30€ or your regional equivalent.

Still wondering if this game is for you? Check out the Switch gameplay footage below and read the following info from Double Damage's FAQ page, which should give you a good idea of the tone Rebel Galaxy Outlaw shoots for:

Q: Why should I play your game?
A: If you don't think Spaceships, Biker Gangs, Decaying Blue-Collar Americana, Machine Guns and a complete disregard for accurate space physics go together, then there's probably not a good reason.

Looking forward to jumping in a cockpit with Rebel Galaxy Outlaw? Played this or the original on another platform? Let us know below.

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