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Nintendo is a big company and is always looking for one person or another to fill a particular role. With this in mind, its Japanese website recently posted a new listing for a spokesperson, who would be based in Kyoto, Japan.

Noticeably the position is seeking someone who will formulate and execute a "global" public relations strategy, build media relations, collaborate with spokespersons at Nintendo's offices overseas, can create PR and QA, and provide media support - including inquiries and interviews.

To be the right applicant, this individual will require 3 years or more of practical experience of corporate public relations, Japanese writing ability, and business-level English proficiency. Of course, you'll also need to be interested in the video game and entertainment industry.

Business content

Formulation and execution of global public relations strategy
Building media relations
Collaboration and collaboration with spokespersons at our overseas bases
Creation of press releases and QA
Media support (inquiries and interviews)


Person who has practical experience of corporate public relations in business company (3 years or more)
Those who have Japanese writing ability and business level English proficiency
Those who are interested in the video game and entertainment industry

Would you like to see Nintendo focus a bit more on its global public relations strategy? Do you think it needs to work and collaborate more with its overseas teams? Think you've got what it takes to be in this role yourself? Tell us down below.

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