Mario Kart Tour

Another new tour has arrived in Mario Kart Tour, bringing a new – and very timely – Mario variant along for the ride.

The Los Angeles event is available to play right now, running up until 6th October at 10:59pm PT. It continues the game's theme of racing through famous, real-world locations.

While LA may be known for its bumper-to-bumper traffic, you can leave those worries behind as you whip your in-game kart past Santa Monica Pier. Or get some true circuit training and flex your skills when you rip through Muscle Beach. With enough practice and luck, you can turn the home of the stars into the home of the Grand Stars.

During the first week of the tour, you'll find Mario (Sunshine), the Surf Sailer kart and the Starchute glider, which could haven't come at a better time what with Super Mario 3D All-Stars hitting all the headlines at the moment.

Then, in the following week, you’ll find Dixie Kong, Funky Kong, the Bolt Buggy kart, the Offroader kart, the Pink Flower glider and the Banana Wingtip glider all in the spotlight. Again, the timing just so happens to line up with Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest's appearance on Nintendo Switch this week.

Have you been keeping up with each new tour in Mario Kart Tour? Will you jump in to see all this new content? Let us know in the comments.