Spring Man / Ribbon Girl (ARMS)

Spring Man / Ribbon Girl

Notable game(s): ARMS

For: Would highlight an underrated game in the Switch library; plenty of potential with Spring Man, Ribbon Girl et al.; An obvious fit.

Against: Too obvious? We've had Min Min already

Final Smash: The perspective rotates into third-person and you perform a stunning coup de grâce from across the stage.

Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude

Three Houses

Notable game(s): Fire Emblem: Three Houses

For: Could be unique in the lineup as a three-house echo-fest combining the power and personalities of the Black Eagles, Blue Lions and Golden Deer into a supergroup; Battle experience up the wazoo; Not enough FE characters in Smash...

Against: Jokes! Fire Emblem already had plenty of representation, and with the addition of Byleth we're up to our ears in the Fire Emblems.

Final Smash: Black, Blue and Gold combine into a muddy brown of incredible HP drainage.



Notable game(s): Pokémon Sword and Shield

For: Would prove correct the whispers and theories online following the pattern of Gen 6's Water starter (Greninja) and Gen 7's Fire type (Incineroar); Big ape with a drum = ace.

Against: Nothing really, except there are plenty of Pokémon already.

Final Smash: Drum Beating is a no-brainer. It's super effective.



Notable game(s): the Kingdom Hearts series

For: Hugely popular; Keyblade could offer plenty of weapon variety; All sorts of potential for Disney(!) support character cameos; Some company for Cloud.

Against: Any Disney crossover elements seem unlikely.

Final Smash: Sora sits down and threatens to explain the entire Kingdom Hearts story and associated lore. All other combatants dive off the stage.

Travis Touchdown


Notable game(s): No More Heroes, No More Heroes series

For: A stylish addition to the roster; No More Heroes 3 is coming.

Against: An assassin's beam katana, however cool, is still a sword, and there's arguably more than enough sword fighters already.

Final Smash: A toilet appears and Travis sits down. All opponents vacate the stage in disgust.



Notable game(s): DOOM, DOOM (2016)

For: Handy in combat; Melee skills a-plenty; Could do with a change of scenery.

Against: Possibly the least family-friendly contender on this list.

Final Smash: The Doom Slayer removes his helmet to reveal a bloody, pixelated grin. A Cacodemon appears and smashes your opponent off the stage before Doomguy cracks out the BFG and sends it back to Hell.

Cuphead / Mugman


Notable game(s): Cuphead

For: Oozing '20s/'30s animated style; Would make for an incredible stage.

Against: Limited run-and-gun moveset; Already a Mii costume.

Final Smash: A huge happy sun appears in the background and comes to say hello. All opponents are obliterated. Sun is sad.

Paper Mario

Paper Mario

Notable game(s): Paper Mario, Paper Mario series

For: We've already got Paper Mario stages; Paper Luigi echo fighter; He came to Switch in Paper Mario: The Origami King, so that would add some nice cross-game promo synergy, no?

Against: Nothing obvious. Meh-meh-Mario?

Final Smash: Kersti the sticker fairy turns up and turns your opponent into a sticker which Mario then picks at. Unfortunately, it doesn't come off cleanly so you roll it into a ball and flick it into oblivion.

Lara Croft

Lara Croft

Notable game(s): Tomb Raider, the Tomb Raider series

For: Iconic character with PlayStation roots; Handy with a range of weapons; Would add to the ranks of female fighters.

Against: What Lara would we really want to see? Old-school, polygonal PS1-era or the more modern, rugged (and anatomically realistic) rendition?

Final Smash: A comically polygonal T-Rex appears and wreaks havoc.

Akira Howard and Legion

Astral Chain

Notable game(s): Astral Chain

For: The dynamic between the Neuron officer and their Legion partner could create interesting possibilities; who could resist a PlatinumGames partner-up with Bayonetta.

Against: None that jump out at us.

Final Smash: Lappy, the yellow dog and police mascot, appears and opens a sizeable can of whoop-ass.



Notable game(s): Rayman Legends, the Rayman series

For: Platforming hero; Unique anatomical arrangement; Ubisoft and Ninty sitting in a tree...

Against: Despite some exceptional games to his name, will Rayman ever stop feeling... a bit weird?

Final Smash: Rayman and his opponent approach each other - the enemy throws a flurry of punches, but they pass through the gaps between appendages. Rayman cackles maniacally and dragon punches his rival into the sky.



Notable game(s): Various

For: Apparently Waluigi is quite a requested character; Smash hasn't filled its quota of wiry moustachioed fighters; Purple is the best colour.

Against: People will never be satisfied and someone somewhere will still complain about it.

Final Smash: Sakurai himself appears in-game. Everyone else dies of shock. Sakurai drops mic. Game crashes. Done.

From this selection, which fighters would you most like to see get an invitation to Smash?

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Not a selection of possibilities, eh? We've gotta fly now, but let us know which of the above contenders you think would make the best addition(s) to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, or any other video game characters you think could make the cut.

Note. This article was originally published in January 2020 and has been updated.