Conker has seen better days
Image: @RareLtd

Rare's heavy-drinking squirrel is getting his own Fangamer plush with brand new voice lines recorded by Conker himself, Chris Seavor. You can order the Conker Talking Plush right now for $32 USD or your regional equivalent.

This official Conker plush, designed by Versiris, is about eight inches tall when seated. It features a removable crown and comes packed with 12 tales 14 sound clips voiced by Chris Seavor.

Here's a look (and listen), courtesy of the official Rare account:

And that's not all - Fangamer is also offering Conker apparel, drinking glasses, and a pin badge. There's some other Rare and Sea of Thieves merch to purchase as well.

Will you be pre-ordering this talking Conker plush? Sound off in the comments below.

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