Death Squared Physical Switch

If picking up physical versions of indie games is your jam, you'll probably want to jump on this new limited-edition release of Death Squared for Nintendo Switch.

After receiving digital and code-in-the-box releases in the past, Death Squared is finally being given the proper physical treatment thanks to 1Print Games. This new limited edition contains a copy of the game on a cartridge, a Death Squared Bots keychain, a numbered authenticity card, a testing manual, and a logo sticker, and it's all available for $34.99.

As limited releases go, this one is particularly limited, with just 1,500 copies being made in total. You can go ahead and pre-order a copy on 1Print Games' website – it officially launches this Friday, 18th September.

If you haven't played this one and want to learn more about it before buying, feel free to read our full review. We'll leave a snippet for you below.

While we’ve seen plenty of games that have similar themes and mechanics, the way they’re presented in Death Squared makes for a rare experience. Having a game that is cooperative at its core but imminently playable as a solo experience is a boon, but it must be said its wily charms are exponentially more effective when sitting next to a friend or loved one whilst you giggle at each other’s faux pas.

Are you a fan of Death Squared? Are you tempted by this physical edition? Let us know with a comment.