Update: Strictly Limited has revealed that it is launching two Turrican-themed collections at €34.99 a pop, as well as two quite expensive collector's editions.

Turrican Anthology Vol. 1 will consist of the Amiga versions of Turrican and Turrican 2, the SNES Super Turrican (and Super Turrican: Director's Cut), and the Mega Drive Mega Turrican Score Attack. Turrican Anthology Vol. 2, on the other hand, will feature the Amiga's Turrican 3, the Mega Drive's Mega Turrican and its Director's Cut, plus the SNES Super Turrican 2 and Super Turrican 1 Score Attack.

These two collections will be bundled together in two special editions. The Collector's Edition has a poster, keychain, artbook, soundtrack CD, stickers and making-of Blu-Ray, and costs $99.99. If that doesn't sound anywhere near expensive enough for you, then you'll be pleased to learn that the Ultra Collector's Edition will also include a 20cm figurine of our hero, an acrylic diorama, four soundtrack CDs and an instruction booklet.

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Original Story [Wed 26th Aug, 2020 13:05 BST]: Turrican – one of the Amiga's best games – is making a comeback after 30 years.

Strictly Limited Games is teaming up with Factor 5, the original development team, to resurrect this classic series, which also saw release on the SNES and other consoles in the early '90s. Factor 5, as we all know, would later create seminal Nintendo titles like Rogue Leader; it is now involved with Epic Games and is working on Fortnite and the Unreal Engine.

Tomorrow – Thursday, August 27th – will see the release of an exclusive trailer and more about the "special 30th birthday edition" of the game. This will take place during the Gamescom Opening Night Live (20:00 - 21:30 CEST / 11:00 - 12:30 PST).

Shortly after the reveal, Strictly Limited Games will open pre-orders for the exclusive and limited editions of the game.

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