AC Switch

In case the brand new update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons wasn't enough good news, Nintendo has now revealed that both the Animal Crossing Switch console and the series amiibo cards will be seeing restocks.

Currently only confirmed for North America, the restocks will be available at select retailers only. The Switch system will return at $299.99, while the cards (spanning series 1 - 4) will be available at $5.99 per pack.

These restocks haven't yet been confirmed for other regions such as Europe, but we'll make sure to update you if we hear more. You'd hope the cards would see another worldwide release, at least!

We've kept a handy list of retailers which have previously stocked the Animal Crossing Switch console right here, so feel free to keep an eye on those places over the next few days (we're hearing that some stores are getting new stock today). The cards are due to return to stores in November.

Wonderful news all around, then, especially now that you won't have to resort to paying ridiculous amounts of money on eBay!