As you may well have heard Nintendo and LEGO have been getting all chummy-chummy recently, and alongside the child-focused LEGO Super Mario which we thought was a delight, there's also something a bit more in-line with adult LEGO fans in the form of the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System.

This is a model with no shortage of complexity, boasting a working door, card slot, and even a TV which has a rolling display showing Mario jumping through a segment of World 1-1 form Super Mario Bros..

If you're keen to see this kit in actuion, make sure you give that little old video up there a watch. We build the whole blooming thing from start to finish and let you enjoy the experience second-hand. Not as good as actually building it yourself but we're offering it to you as a freebie.

You can purchase the LEGO NES for yourself here.

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