Have you picked up the new LEGO Mario figure this week? Found yourself wondering what makes him tick? Well, look no further because this video explores exactly what you'll find inside Nintendo and LEGO's brand new toy.

Shared by the folks at Beyond the Brick, the video takes a faulty unit - so don't worry, no working Mario figures were harmed in the making of this film - and completely takes it apart. After checking out his individual pieces and how he's put together, video host Boone Langston attempts to put it all back together again, which is never an easy task.

We'd urge you to give the video a watch if you want to see the complete process, but you might want to pay particular attention at the 10:30 mark. Here, we can see that Mario's animations are presented on a single screen - and it's incredibly bizarre seeing his eyes and mouth working without his face attached.

Screen Shot 2020 08 03 At 11.21.03
Image: Beyond The Brick

Pretty creepy, right?

If you haven't already grabbed a set yourself, you can find plenty of buying options for the new LEGO Mario courses in our guide.

Have you treated yourself to any of the LEGO Mario range? How have you been finding it so far? Let us know in the usual place.