Switch Ps2

Considering it's only been on the market for just under three-and-a-half years, the Nintendo Switch is performing incredibly well. The latest figures from Nintendo show that the console has now shipped 61.44 million units, meaning that it will easily become the company's second best-selling home console of all time, if not the best later down the line.

Things are perhaps even more impressive on the software side of things, however. Earlier today, we shared a list of the top ten best-selling Switch games, which now includes Animal Crossing: New Horizons after it sold a whopping 22 million copies in just over three months. Comparing Switch games against one another is one thing, but let's take a look at how their sales match up to those from the best-selling console of all time, the PS2.

The screenshots below come from Did You Know Gaming?'s Shane Gill, showing that despite the PS2's incredible success (it sold at least 155 million units worldwide before being discontinued and has the highest total software sales for any Sony console), its top games didn't perform as well as Nintendo's have done on Switch. The Switch hasn't been around for nearly as long and hasn't sold as many units, but its biggest games are really doing the numbers.

Switch PS2 sales
Image: Wikipedia, via Shane Gill

For the sake of clarity, Gill's screenshots are taken from Wikipedia. The Switch figures match up to our own stats, provided by Nintendo itself, while the PS2 figures (which are harder to track) cite a number of different sources such as Sony, Polyphony Digital, and Guinness World Records.

It's hard to imagine the Switch managing to outsell the PS2's grand totals for hardware and software sales, but this best-seller comparison is interesting to see nonetheless.

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