One of the Nintendo Indie World Showcase's more disturbing titles was Struggling, an upcoming co-op game headed to Switch that you probably won't want to play just before dinner.

We wouldn't blame you for missing it - it was featured in that quickfire sizzle reel near the end of the show - but it's grabbed our attention for being downright disgusting. The game has you and a friend controlling either arm of a "hideous thing", which is apparently a screeching pile of flesh called Troy, to latch onto everything around you including suspicious levers and dangling eyeballs.

The point here is to overcome a series of physics-based challenges, but you'll notice that your hideous thing gets even more hideous if you mess up, with its arms ripping off and being left to rot on the floor (thankfully they grow back). It looks wonderfully yucky, as seen in the old trailer above.

Check out these screenshots:

We won't have long to wait before checking out Struggling for ourselves, as the game's set to drop on the eShop on 27th August.

Think you'll be able stomach this one? Let us know if you're hoping to get stuck into Struggling with a comment below.

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