Lego Mario

There's a lot of joy to be had with the LEGO Mario range, building your own courses and constructing your favourite characters brick-by-brick, but if you're wanting to own a complete set of everything it has to offer, you'll have to fork over a pretty sizeable sum. As it happens, there is a clever - if slightly naughty - workaround for all of this, as discovered by the folks behind YouTube channel, Playfool.

As you'll know if you own any of the new LEGO Mario toys, special, bought-separately pieces like Goombas and platforms have barcodes on them which the Mario toy can read, almost like an amiibo. These barcodes aren't exactly hidden away and can be easily replicated, meaning you can essentially print your own barcodes and have any ordinary object act just like the special LEGO pieces available in these sets.

Check out the video below.

Printing out barcode stickers and placing them on your own home-crafted Mario items is a creative way to spend your time, although we'd argue that there's something pretty special about using the official LEGO sets as they were intended. If you're not interested in buying multiple sets, though, perhaps this is a clever way to get more value out of your Mario figure?

Playfool make their own Warp Pipes using printed barcode stickers
Image: via Playfool

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