Image: Nintendo

Once again, Nintendo has unintentionally - or perhaps intentionally - teased fans into thinking that a new Super Mario Sunshine release is on the cards.

Both the official European and UK Nintendo Twitter accounts have shared a new render of Mario enjoying his time in the sunshine today, likely owing to the fact that the UK and many parts of Europe are currently enjoying some pretty intense heat. Even though this new render has been doing the rounds for a few days now, the replies to the tweets are something to behold.

It seems plenty of fans believe the posts to be a nod towards a Super Mario Sunshine sequel, or perhaps a hint that the rumoured 35th anniversary remasters are soon to be revealed. Some will be joking, of course, but it's all causing quite the stir.

Now, we wouldn't be doing our job properly without telling you that Nintendo appears to be releasing a new render of Mario each summer, regardless of any potential upcoming games. Indeed, when Nintendo revealed its new summer render this time last year, it even had the cheek to mention the word "sunshine" in the photo's caption. And yes, the internet went wild then, too.

So, does this new image mean that a Sunshine-related announcement really is coming this time? Well, we'd argue that it's completely unrelated, although it's hard to believe that Nintendo would be unaware of the madness that last year's image caused.

For now, let's dial down our hype just in case. If any official announcement does appear in the coming months, we'll be sure to let you know.