Image: Nintendo

One of the drawbacks of being a massive company with a long history and a massive amount of IP is that almost any message you publically release – no matter how innocent – could be misinterpreted or read into a little too much by fans.

That may well be the case with a tweet recently posted by Nintendo of America, which includes the words "Mario" and "Sunshine" – although it's worth pointing out that these words are separated by other words. Still, that doesn't stop the internet!

To add fuel to the fire, it was then pointed out that Nintendo has been randomly positioning fruit on its Gamescom coverage:


Could Twitter be onto something here? Why is there fruit all over the tables in Nintendo's Gamescom booth? Could we get a new Super Mario Sunshine, or is this a tease for a HD remaster of the (oft-maligned) GameCube original? Answers on a postcard, please.

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