The time has finally come for the Animal Crossing community to catch up with Audrey, the now 89-year-old grandma who rose to fame after clocking in a whopping 3,500+ hour playtime on Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Since then, she's been treated to her very own copy of New Horizons on Switch - and might have even been the inspiration behind one of the game's new villagers.

Now, she's back with a much-requested island tour video. Fans have been hoping to see how Audrey (or Audie, as she's called in-game) has been getting on with the new title, how her new island has been coming along, and perhaps most importantly, which villagers have moved in alongside her.

She reveals that New Horizons has mostly taken over in terms of her Animal Crossing playtime and that she spends around three hours every day playing the new game. New Leaf still holds a special place in her heart, though, and she likes the two games 'about the same'.

Make sure to give Audrey's tour video a watch and let us know your thoughts in the comments.