Gunslinger Kirby
Image: @sanei_NLG

Kirby fans located in Japan will soon be able to get their hands on a new line of plushies featuring the pink puff in all sorts of different forms. All up, the Sanei "Kirby Muteki! Suteki! Closet collection" has five different plush to collect along with a cushion.

As you can see, there are the Sword and Bubble copy-ability versions of Kirby, costume outfits based on Meta Knight and Magolor, and perhaps the highlight of the lot - gunslinger Kirby. This old look dates back to Kirby's Adventure on the NES in 1993 and was how Kirby appeared in a western-themed mini-game called Quick Draw. Take a look below:

Original artwork based on the Quick Draw mini-game
Image: via kirby.fandom

Last of all is the round pillow, made up of Kirby's face and some lovely Kirby themed artwork for 3,500 yen. Each plush is priced at 1,500 yen and this line is scheduled to launch sometime in Japan this October.