Nintendo Switch
Image: QubicGames

The publisher QubicGames is giving away six family games for free until the end of 16th August (that's today). The reason? It's all to celebrate the release of "new addons" and to welcome the developer and publisher Forest Spirits to the Qubic family.

If you own or download Coloring Book - which is free on the Switch eShop - you'll get the following six games for free:

# Game
1 Robonauts
2 Pocket Mini Golf
3 Mini Trains
4 Not Not - A Brain Buster
5 Jumping Joe & Friends
6 Puzzle Book

This offer covers North America and Europe and extends to other regions as well (you'll just have to check your local eShop). Thanks to WoomyNNYes, Northwind and Snatcher for the heads up. Will you be adding any of these games to your Switch library? Tell us down below.