Nintendo Coins

According to a newly posted financial analysis report, Nintendo has risen to the top of Japan's corporate leaderboard, becoming the richest company of 2020 in the country.

The report, from Risk Masters, notes that Nintendo currently has a staggering 890.4 billion yen tucked away for a rainy day (which works out at around $8.4 billion USD). With a slower-than-usual lineup of first-party releases this year, it'd be easy to assume that Nintendo wouldn't be raking in the cash as it usually might, but the overwhelming success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Switch hardware sales over the past few months have helped the gaming giant to get by just fine.

Indeed, these profits have helped Nintendo to outperform other Japanese giants in what has been a strange, difficult-to-navigate year. The report says that Shin-Etsu Chemical is the second richest this year, with 813.0 billion yen, and SMC is third with 536.7 billion yen.

Last year, this same report revealed that Nintendo was the second-richest company in Japan, so it's actually managed to thrive at a time when other companies have struggled.

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