Nintendo Switch

As fantastic as it is to play the Switch in handheld mode, the Joy-Con setup can become a little cramped from time to time. If you're seeking a more ergonomic gaming experience while you play Animal Crossing, Mario Kart or Zelda for hours on end, you can't go past the Split Pad Pro by peripheral maker Hori.

It was originally made available in one colour last October, got a special PAC-MAN design last month, and on 7th September will receive three more colours: Transparent Black, Midnight Blue and Volcanic Red (priced at $49.99 USD each). Take a look:

As noted by Hori, preorders are coming soon - keep in mind this controller only works in handheld mode. Here's what else we had to say about the Split Pad Pro in our hardware review last year:

Hori has come back with a new controller, catering once again to the Switch’s Handheld player market: the Split Pad Pro. A larger, more ergonomic Joy-Con style controller that intends to give you the feeling of playing with a Pro Controller, but in handheld mode.

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