Bowser CourseFamitsu

Earlier this month, during a special Comic-Con at home video stream, the Hot Wheels team revealed it would be bolstering its existing Mario Kart line with some new products - including the characters Cat Peach and Diddy Kong, glider karts and a special mystery Yoshi egg line.

Now, in the latest update, Famitsu has shared a glimpse of one of the upcoming sets launching in Japan (for 6,500 yen) at the end of this month. It contains a blue Yoshi racer, Mario racer, and a two-player track featuring Bowser. Here's a look:

Blue YoshiFamitsu
Bowser CourseFamitsu
Bowser CourseFamitsu

It would appear that these products have actually already made their way to stores in the west, such as this listing found at Target in the US. Here's hoping even more come our way in the future.

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